Signs You’ve Found a Mortgage Broker You Can Trust

In this post, we’re going to look at some different signs to show that you’ve found a mortgage broker that you can trust. In your search to find the right broker to assist you with your new home purchase, you’re going to be overwhelmed.  

You’ll have feelings of stress and anxiety, trying to figure out which mortgage broker is best, and which are inequitable and not to be trusted. You’ll be pulled from pillar to post and everyone will be claiming to be better than the last.  

Well, at the very least, we can demonstrate how to spot a mortgage broker you can trust. Let’s begin with the basics: 

They are genuinely interested in your enquiry  

When you make the first contact with a mortgage broker, you’ll soon get a feel for what sort of lender they are. If they appear genuinely interested in your case and are patient and list carefully to what you have to say, then it’s a very good sign.  

If on the other hand, they appear to be trying to rush you along and skimming over many of the details, then you must tread carefully. Either way, you shouldn’t rush into the first mortgage broker than you encounter.  

They do not consistently push you to make a decision there and then  

There’s nothing worse than someone who tries to apply sales tactics in order to rush you into making an on-the-spot decision. If you are feeling particularly pressured by someone they do not let them bully, you into a decision.  

Of course, every mortgage broker is going to attempt to close the deal. However, if you make it clear that you’re in the research stage, a mortgage broker you can trust will be understanding and patient with you.  

They offer you honest advice and make helpful suggestions  

Any mortgage broker worth their salt will be more interested in finding the perfect fit for you and your situation. Therefore, they should be listening to you and asking the right questions. If you notice that your broker is making some helpful suggestions and giving you useful insight into the mind field that is hunting for a mortgage, then you could be on to something.  

They offer you a better deal  

Not everything is too good to be true. Yes, you have to be careful and make sure that you’re making the right decision. However, sometimes a mortgage broker will cut you a good deal because they have the best intentions.  

Be sure to shop around and compare rates and so on, but don’t be afraid to take a good deal if one is presented to you.  

They take you through all fees and formalities before urging you to sign  

Another tell-tale sign that you’ve found a mortgage broker you can trust is if they insist that you are fully aware of the formalities and fees. Many companies will try to skim over the details when it comes to additional costs. However, a reputable broker will ensure that you are comfortable and understand what you’re committing too entirely.  

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