Personalised Your Gift For Your Special One

engraved bracelet

Giving jewelry as a gift to a loved one is an easy way to show someone how much they mean to you. Only personalising that piece of jewelry takes it to the next level. Receiving an item which marks a special occasion, with a message marking the day, is likely to be something that a person will cherish for a long time. There are many trained specialists in the field who have honed their skills over the years who will be more than happy to do the engraving work for you. But have you ever considered doing it yourself? Perhaps it could be a one-off to surprise somebody who will appreciate the amount of effort you have gone to. It could even turn out to be a hobby you get into doing on a more regular basis. Whatever reason you decide to do it for, you can be engraving yourself with a few tools and a bit of patience and practice.

Purchase a Tool

Obviously, you are going to need to buy yourself an engraving tool before you can do anything. They can be bought at very reasonable prices but if you wanted to use something alternative you could even consider using a hammer and chisel, a Dremel tool and drill bit or even a hobby knife. The other thing you will need is an old piece of metal to practice on and a clamp or vice. You might just happen to be natural but it’s probably best to get the feel of it first before you potentially have a mishap.

Clean the Metal

Before you engrave on any surface you need to properly clean the surface first. This will remove any dirt, dust or residue from the metal and by cleaning it will give you the best possible surface on which to work. Simply use a damp cloth and wipe the metal down and remember to then dry it off afterward.

Place the Metal in a Vice

Clamping the metal will make the next stage much easier as this will ensure that it does not move around whilst you are actually engraving it. By doing so, it will also keep both of your hands-free and the surface unobstructed by your fingers. It can be advisable, if you are not feeling the most confident about how steady your hands are, to use your other free hand to support the other one whilst you are engraving.

Engrave the Metal


With your tool, start to put pressure on the area you wish to cut into. Apply a straight line going back over it doing multiple thin cuts until the recess deepens. Then from this, you can work out your next lines. Try and carve out your name as the first attempt and see how it looks. Don’t worry, this is the first time so if it looks a bit rough around the edges it just means you need to practice a bit more or perhaps steady your hand with the other one. In the worst case scenario that you think it looks so bad that you will just abandon the plan and contact engraving services to do it for you, at least you can think you gave it a go!

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