Is it Time to Try a New Retail Shop Fitout?

If you own your own retail store, then you won’t need us to go into too much detail when we talk about how competitive the industry is. Everyone in the industry has felt the sting in recent years as online shopping has become more and more prevalent. It’s difficult, it’s competitive, though it’s not impossible and is certainly not without reward. So, the question is, how can your store become more successful? What can you do to get ahead of your competitors and start attracting more customers through your doors? Perhaps its time for a new retail shop fitout! Understanding retail shopper psychology is also a great way to get inside the minds of your customers and find ways to increase the odds of them purchasing from your store.

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Reasons to Hire a Retail Store Fitout Specialist:

  • Update and renovate to attract new business
  • Relocating to a new retail unit
  • Removing old, faulty or dated fittings
  • Re-branding your business
  • Keeping up with your competitors
  • Repairing fire or flood damage
  • Compliance with certain health and safety regulations
  • Seasonal changes such as Christmas & New Year

Some of the above might not apply to you, however ‘update and renovate to attract new business’, almost certainly will. If you are struggling, take a look at your surroundings. Perhaps your store only needs a lick of paint, or you could perhaps swap around some of your displays. Just be honest with yourself and think about how excited you’d be to enter your store. Inspiring people to come in and buy your products is no simple task, but its certainly not impossible, regardless to what you’re selling.

So, how to find a commercial shop fitout specialist?

It’s easy, – you can literally find a commercial shop fitout specialist anywhere online. The question is: how loosely the use the term specialist and whether or not they have any expertise to offer. As you will know all too well, when you’re shopping for anything online, everyone is the best. ‘The very best deals, the very best wheels and the finest quality products all round!’ But, how can you separate the wheat from the chaff? How can you differentiate between the sincere and the overly-embellished cow-boys?

Do Your Research

Now, having your store re-fitting isn’t going to be the cheapest of endeavours. Sure, you don’t have to break the bank, but it certainly won’t come for free, – especially if it’s high-quality that you’re after. You will be tempted to find the best possible deals, but the cheapest prices should never be your priority.

Have a browse online and try to shortlist a few potentials. Things to look for are how long they have been established, how many testimonials they have on their website, whether they are prepared to share any references and ‘before and after’ examples with you. A reputable and reliable company like DB Projects for example, would gladly share their past experience with you. Any company worth their salt will have nothing to hide and will invariably by very proud of their work.

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