How Do You Become a Music Producer?

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Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre, Lee Scratch Perry, John Leckie and George Martin, they are just a select few of the most famous music producers history has created. Whilst some producers create their own tunes, others were more in charge of just the recording and/or mixing. Whilst the job role itself is treated differently by individuals the overall responsibilities remain the same. It is a career that lots of people would love to do but how exactly do you go about entering this line of work?

Learn a Musical Instrument

It goes without saying that something you really should consider doing is learning how to play an instrument. In doing so you will gain a greater understanding of music and how to read it, play it and even compose it. In addition to this many music producers will actually play certain elements of a recording and so being able to contribute towards the track recording will put you at an advantage.

Learn the Technical Side

You will have to spend a lot of your time at a recording desk or using music processing programs as well as mixing. This will take time and practice to fully understand the complexities involved and you need to be highly knowledgeable and capable with it all. You should attempt to use as many different programs as possible to expand your technical abilities beyond just your comfort zone. This will make you more adaptable and give you more in your locker to choose from.

Listen to a Wide Range of Music

As a music producer, you need to expose yourself to as many different artists and genres of music as possible. This will expand your horizons and through doing so you will develop a greater feeling for music and you will learn more about it in general. It can be surprising how diverse many music producers’ and artists’ influences are and if you limit yourself to a select few you will be putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Just Do It

You need to get as much practice doing the various elements of recording, mixing, mastering etc. as possible. It is all well and good for learning the theory but you will learn far more by practicing what you have learned. Then you will begin to discover new things through new experiences and even mistakes. In doing this you will also start to meet new people and make new contacts which brings me on to my final point…


You need to develop a network of clients, artists, musicians and various other people so that you have a range of people to work with or in association with. Doing this will consequently develop your reputation within the music industry and future work will come about from this. Making allies and friends with the right people can be invaluable and make or break your success as a music producer. As a part of this, you need to market yourself well and attempt to give yourself as much exposure and advertising as possible.


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