6 Irrefutable Reasons to Invest in Fly Screens for Your Home

Australia is known for many things – its pesky insects however, is probably up there with the most prevalent. Which is why the fly screen has been a crucial addition to homes across the country. In this post we are going to explore the major benefits of having fly screens installed in your home if you haven’t yet invested in one already.

1 – Keep the Insects at Bay

What more reason could you need to buy a fly screen, than for keeping those pesky insects out of your home? If you’re not a big fan of having mosquitoes and flies buzzing around your home during the warmer months, then you should definitely invest in a fly screen!

2 – Additional Security Features

A great feature is being able to open the door to your home, while leaving the fly screen closed if you’re uncomfortable with speaking to strangers on your door step. In the event of an emergency, you’ll have the additional security of the strong net mesh between you and any potential assailants. The same applies with burglars trying to work their way into your home, fly screens are an effective deterrent as they’re difficult to tamper with.

insect screen

3 – Safety for Your Little Ones

If you don’t want your little children walking out into the garden or out the front of the house unsupervised, then a fly screen is a great way of keeping them in. Rather than having to bolt all of the doors down, you can instead keep the fly screen closed, allowing cool air to pass through the house while keeping your kids from getting themselves into trouble.

4 – Energy Saving Tool

Turn off that air conditioning unit and open the doors up in your house. This will create a natural cool air flow and save you an awful lot on your bills at the end of the month. A fly trap is an inexpensive way to regulate your indoor temperatures, without compromising on security.


5 – Promoting Natural Light

There’s nothing better than having natural light come through your windows and doors and luminating your living areas. The wire mesh of the fly screens will allow natural light through, while reducing the impact of the UV rays on your furniture, thus preventing your belongings from fading in the Sun.

6 – Fresh Air

Get some clean air circulating throughout your home with a fly screen. You can open your windows and doors without fear of any insects swarming into your home, while allowing in plenty of fresh air. This is perfect during the warmer months when the air in your home can become quite muggy.

If you’re interested in exploring this further, though you’re unsure how to proceed, why don’t you head over to Down Under Screens? This will afford you some more information on how they can be of huge benefit to your home.

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