5 Top Tips to get a great LinkedIn Profile Picture

woman shot

Business is all about first impressions, a new tool that people all across the globe have begun using for their business networking needs I LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is popular for a number of reasons; it easily allows businesses all around the world to connect with each other and stay up to date on their developments. It’s also very good for identifying trends and for easily reaching out to influencers in your industry.  So with these two things in mind let’s take a look at 5 tips for taking a great Linked in the profile picture. Please follow this link for more information regarding LinkedIn photographer.


photographerChoose a great photographer


Let’s be honest, it’s very unlikely you are a professional photographer, and if you put value in your LinkedIn account that is ideally what you want.

But that’s not always practical if you are on a budget, so choose somebody you know is familiar with taking good photographs, ideally find somebody who can make you smile naturally as this is the perfect tone for your photo, warm and approachable. Make sure that they take a selection of photos and ask them to choose which one they like the most.


Keep it simple


The best pictures for professional headshots are ones where the main focus is on your with no distractions. After all, you want to stay fresh in people minds and if they are busy thinking about that giant potted plant in the background of your profile picture.

Take the picture in a well-lit room and ensure that the background is as close to a solid, light colour as possible. This will remove any distracting objects in the photograph while at the same time extenuating your natural features, with the light colour background making your skin tone appear even in the finished photograph.




Using LinkedIn is great, however, if you have supporting platforms that you conduct business or advertising through, like Facebook, Twitter or even Email it’s a good Idea to use the same photographs across all of these platforms.

There are several reasons for this, firstly, it makes you easy to identify across different websites and avenues of communication. People always look slightly different between individual photographs and these slight differences in look can be the difference between somebody recognizing you and not.

The other thing that consistent professional headshots can offer is that it gives a feeling of cohesion, if your customer gets the impression (remember how important these are) that you are a consistent and organized person who is forward thinking enough to have a strong and friendly headshot that is the same overall avenues of communications and platforms for business, that person is more likely to attribute those traits to you when they think about your company.

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