5 Things to Carefully Consider Before You Hire Tree Lopping Services  

You might think that anyone can cut down a tree and that hiring a tree lopping firm to assist you should be rather a straight forward process, and that much is true if you’re not fussed about who you hire. But, for those of you who would like to ensure that they’re hiring professionals who can handle the job with care and without causing any damage to your property, then you’re going to have a do a little bit of research beforehand.

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Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should spend weeks trawling through every tree lopping firm in the surrounding area, though a little care and consideration will go a long way towards you receiving the best possible customer experience.

So, where to begin? Well, we’ve put together a quick how-to-guide, so that you can find the most appropriate company for you. Here’s what to look out for:


insurance1 – Insurance and Liability

“I only need the one tree lopping down, what’s the problem?” Sure, it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, though in actuality, tree lopping is an incredibly dangerous industry and the risk isn’t just for you and your family or anyone nearby, but your property as well. You may like the idea of rolling with a smaller company to save a bit of money, though if they aren’t insured and anything does happen to go wrong, then you’ll be forking out far more in the long run.

Just be certain to ask a company about their liability insurance beforehand. Any reputable and reliable company such as Stumpd Tree Services will have the appropriate documentation, for your peace of mind and will be more than happy to present it when asked.


2 – Safety First

Yes, yes, – health and safety isn’t the most exciting of topics to discuss, though it’s certainly a great deal more enjoyable than being rushed to hospital because you’ve had a tree fall on you! It might sound extreme, but there’s no point in taking a risk, so before going ahead with a company, ask them about what safety precautions they will take.

Any company worth their salt will put all their employees through a rigorous training program, with thorough and regular refresher courses. If a crew turns up absent any safety google, appropriate footwear or high-vis clothing, then we’d advise that you promptly ask them to leave. If they can’t take care of themselves, how do you think they will treat your property?


3 – Appearances

While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, when you’re paying for a professional to come and cut a giant tree down that’s looming right next to your house, I think we can all agree that you have a right. While tree lopping is dirty work, their equipment should be well-maintained, and they must be geared up in all the appropriate PPE.


4 – Reputation is Everything

The beauty of the internet is that you can read up on testimonials and reviews left by previous customers, so get a good feel for a company before going ahead and hiring their services. If you can’t see any reviews or testimonials it could be that they’re fairly new, in which case ask if they have any referrals they can offer you and ask around amongst your friends and family.


Certified and Highly-Trained5 – Certified and Highly-Trained

Any reputable tree lopping firm will be more than happy to show off their certifications and achievements, so be certain to ask about that before you make your decision. If they seem a bit shady when asked and try to make excuses or change the subject, walk away immediately.




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