5 Ideas For Decorating Outdoors Space In Sydney


After finishing an interior works, it is the time for outdoors. Even you are apartment renters or homeowners, you can create a corner for entertaining and relaxation. Balcony, deck or backyard is can be the best place to gather your family together and enjoy the summer sun.

What you are having now? Balcony? Deck? Courtyard? Patio? Or you want to construct an area by using cheap pavers. Define a purpose of the area. What you can do with it? Some may want to have a space for a barbeque party, some want to enjoy morning coffee, some want to have a dinner outdoor or some want it to be a relaxing corner. So you will know what you need to fulfill in your area. If you want ideas, here we have 5 things that you can add to your space.

Dress Up Table and Chair

Primary things that most of you have in your space are table and chair. Decorating table and chair is the easiest way to do especially for people with limited space. Mix and match patterns of tablecloth and cushions to add more fun. You can mix zebra pattern with stripes and plain colour. If you do not like pattern, you can go with bold colour.


Plant Fragrant Flowers

Turn your backyard into a flower garden by planting fragrant flowers like jasmine, freesia, lavender, scented geraniums or rose. The smelly flowers can make you feel relax and refreshing every time when the wind blows. Even you are living in limited space, plant the flowers in a pot and put in on the table.


Add Lighting

Lighting can make your space even more beautiful in the evening when you cannot see other decorations. You can enjoy dinner or the breeze under the light. Add chandelier or string lights to create more romance. For the apartment balcony, you can also have wall lighting. If you have a backyard or garden, add lighting along the pathway. You can use outdoor LED garden lighting as a spotlight on any garden features you might have.


Swinging in The Yard

Summer is the best moment to enjoy. Add a hammock under the tree to enjoy reading and have an afternoon nap. You can also add lantern if you want to use the space in the evening. For the deck, you can have a swing bench to enjoy your lazy day. Kids are in love with something fun like a swing. They will spend more time outside swinging hammock with you.


Cover Up

Summer sun can be too strong for you to stay outside. Do not worry, you can cover it up! Add shady by growing a big tree in your yard. For those who have a limited space, white fabric canopy and umbrella are good choices. You can bring it out and roll them up easily.



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