6 Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Swimming Pool Properly

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Everyone loves their pool, though few people manage to maintain it properly, which can cause issues down the line. If you want to really take care of your swimming pool to ensure that you can enjoy it safely for years to come, then you should take a read through this list of tips on how to maintain your swimming pool properly. 1 – Skim and Scrub Regularly This is the easy one, though arguably one of the most important! There are many funky pool cleaning machines which can skim and…

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6 Reasons Why Having a Swimming Pool is Great for Your Body and Mind

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There are many benefits to owning your own swimming pool – the garden BBQ and pool parties for starters! If you don’t currently own a pool or if you feel like your pool is due a good renovation to make it safe and pleasurable to use again, then have a read of this! 6 reasons why having a swimming pool is awesome for your body and mind! 1 – Good for the Heart In more ways than one! Not only does regular cardiovascular exercise work wonders for the heart in…

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5 Health and Safety Tips When Lopping Trees

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Unfortunately, every now and again it is necessary to have to cut down a tree or two, particularly if they are posing a safety risk around your home and property. While we would always advise that you seek professional assistance from a reputable tree lopping firm, should you decide to take it into your own hands, we’ve put together a quick health and safety guide. Follow these steps carefully and you shouldn’t run into any major issues! 1 – Check the Tree Thoroughly Before You Do Anything Else  If you’re…

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